My Week #29

This week has been lovely. After having such a busy weekend last week, this one was super chilled and i liked that. I spent evenings after school revising for my mock exams that start tomorrow, so that was boring. On Friday i went to my friend toms house and we had fish and chips and just chilled really and it was so nice. Then on Saturday i spent the day with my two favourite people Joe and Elise. We went to Joes house and planned for Elises party soon, which was soo fun! Then we went into town and did a bit of shopping and had a late lunch. I honestly had such a lovely time and would love to do it all over again. Today has been spent doing a bit more shopping, sorting my room out, adding to my photo wall, basically everything apart from revision which i should have been doing. But its been good never the less, im going to try and still post next week but due to my exams im not sure how often it will be, hope you've had a lovely week!