My Week #30

This weekend has been fab, once again! 
This week at school has been soo busy and incredibly stressful. We had exams all week at school and every evening was spent revising and working. So this weekend was so relaxing and stress free.
My parents were away in Birmingham this weekend so me and my sister stayed alone and my bestest friend lucy came round for the weekend. On Friday we chilled after school and chatted and watched the fault in our stars ate fish and chips and cried at the film. On Saturday we woke up and went for a walk and met up with our friend Joe and went to a lovely little café in the village. We walked into town and ate McDonalds on the sea front which was lovely. We walked back to mine and stayed there for the evening our friend adam came round too and we all cuddled up on the sofa and watched one of my favourite films in the world, taken. I cooked us all paella and pizza which was fab! We had such a wonderful time and today was spent chilling with lucy and shopping, i loved it!!