The Edit | Hair Serums

Having curly hair is great, but it definitely has its drawbacks. That's why serums and oils are my saviour! Ive picked out my top 4 to share with you in todays Edit post.

Fab for making your hair feel incredibly soft and lasts forever!
Its only about £5 and i use it daily to give my hair that extra soft feel too it and it does the job perfectly!


I use this on nights when i haven't washed my hair in the day, its great for making your hair repair and it feels fab for the next day.
Its about £6 and its a cream formula rather than an oil.

 This is another great oil, i love using this when ive finished styling my hair to help fight flyaways and keep it soft.
It costs £8 and is fab!

Another frizz ease item, this is especially special one. Its the 'thermal protection formula' and i love it. I use it as a hair protectant.
Its about £6 and again is so lovely to keep my hair soft too.