Trial Thursday #5 Lean & Green Part 1

I was recently given this brand new product from Lean and Green Nutrition to try out and im going to tell you all about it now and then try it out and let you know my thoughts in a weeks time.

This is such an incredible idea, and ive never tried anything like this before but i am really enjoying it. The box contains 'green powder' and in the powder are
  • all the essential vitamins, minerals you need.
  • Natural probiotics
  • Policosanol Complex
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Siberian Ginseng
Ill explain in more detail each of these in next weeks post but this is a powder that contains all your nutrition and you only need a scoop.

You add the scoopful into your chosen drink or smoothie and just drink it up.

In next weeks post i'll let you all know how ive been getting on and what i think of this!!