Haul #35 - Topshop, Accessorize & Superdrug

A long overdue haul, lots of different occasions and ive picked up some really lovely items!


I picked up this gorgeous little dress which i adore, its perfect for autumn and will look lovely with a nice coat and little boots.
From topshop i picked up this cardigan which i adore, its perfect for this sort of season and its going to be my Christmas cardigan and i love it.


I brought some Kirsten topshop black jeans which are fab! They are however a bit big so need adjusting on the sewing machine
From accessorize i brought this gorgeous blanket scarf which was £19 but i absolutely adore it.
 I brought a few bits from superdrug and boots. I picked up this nail varnish from Barry M which is a very christmasy colour and this lipstick from collection which is perfect as it matches your tongue colour and i adore it! I repurchased my favourite primer from NYC which i adore.

I finally brought the collection Concelar, which i might review soon and im not disappointed! I also repurchased my favourite miss sporty studio lash mascara, this is the best mascara there is and its only £2.99, if you don't have it, get it, this is the one mascara i would 100% recommend!