Motivational Monday #8

Since saying in my last motivational Monday post that i wanted to write more of these posts and more frequently, that's my plan. I find all of these quotes on pintrest and i pin them onto a 'motivational board' which i will link below, but go and check that out because i pin so many quotes on there but only a few make it onto blog posts.

Again this is a pintrest find. If you want to follow my motivational board on pintrest to see the quotes i find, because some of them don't make the blog posts, you can do so here.
I think the cute handwriting caught my eye on this quote. But what it says is very cute as well. I think its something we tend to forget, but its lovely. 'Always be a little kinder than necessary'. Its catchy and adorable i think. Its not suggesting going out and being the kindest you can possibly be for no reason, its simply saying be a little kinder than necessary. So smile at people and be polite, do more than you need to. Instead of just saying 'thanks' say 'thank you, have a lovely day' its the little things that make a difference, but i really do love this quote. The drawings and typography is also on point and i love that too!