My Two New Perfume Loves


I've always loved perfumes, always. Although ive never been a lover of particularly expensive perfumes and ive always had an adoration for Accessorize perfumes.
The 200ml bottles are available from Accessorize for £19.99. Ive chosen my two favourites to talk to you about today.

Now, im not great at describing things, so ive reached out to the accessorize website to help me describe this gorgeous scent! It is sweet, soft and sensual floral - fruity fragrance that contains accords of ripe raspberries, candy floss, delicate jasmine, violets and roses laid on the base of chocolate, musk, vanilla and sandalwood.
Wow, so this is my favourite out of the two, i love it. It is for sure a more, without sounding stupid, an autumn/wintery scent and it really does last for such a long time too!

This scent is a lot lighter and more fruity and florally, its very feminine and such a light scent. It reminds me of summer as its such a refreshing, uplifting scent, i adore it! The packaging is also incredible as the back of the bottle is an oriental style background and its pink and obviously pink is the best, i just love this fresh scent.