My Week #33

I've had such a wonderful week. On Friday, I went to my lovely friend Elise's house with our friend Joe to help her get ready for her party. We ate pizza and watched Gavin and Stacey and I loved it! We then all got ready together for her party, at the party I had such a wonderful time. I danced so much and chatted to so many people, I really had such a fabulous time! Then I went back to my friend Lucy's house to stay for the weekend. On Saturday morning we woke up, got ready and went to a new cafe in the village for breakfast, It was so lovely. Then we went to costa with our friends Adam, George and Elise for a little catch up and some lunch, I had such a wonderful time and I felt really happy and content. Then me and Lucy went back to hers and took her gorgeous little dog out for a walk in the fields around the village and took some incredibly cute little photos. Then got back to Lucy's had a delicious curry and got in our pjs on the sofa to watch some films. We watched the strangers, and carrie. I had no clue these films would be as scary as they were and I'm not a huge horror movie fan anyway, but I really did enjoy watching them and being all cosy on the sofa was lovely. We watched a couple of episodes of Goggle box to lighten the mood a little before settling down for the night and going to sleep. Then today I have spent unpacking and creating a scrapbook like I've been meaning to do for so long! I've just never had a spare second, but I've created it today from photos since about June and it's been so lovely printing them all off and writing up about them and it's really brought back some incredibly lovely memories and made me feel super happy!