What I Wore Today #27 | The Cowl Neck Jumper

yet again ive fallen in love with an item of clothing, what is this! I was in search of the perfect polo neck jumper, but i never found one perfect for what i wanted. I found a few, tried them on but i felt like my neck was totally gone and they were quite uncomfortable. But then i found this jumper in select and i tried it on and instantly fell in love.
This is a necked jumper, but its a 'cowl neck' so its not tight round your neck, instead its just hangs from your neck, ive described this incredibly wrong, but its just lovely. Its not uncomfortable, its super warm and it was only £8.
Another thing i love about this is the length, its ever so slightly cropped,  its just a teeny bit shorter than all the others ive tried, i adore this as it can be worn with jeans and leggings and not make your legs look short because of the length, this is just my dream jumper!