Happy 2nd Birthday Blog

Happy New Year! This year has been incredible, but there were definitely some bad moments and this year I'm determined to put them right and make this year the best one yet!

On a personal level, this year started off quite badly, then improved and got worse. There were definitely lots of happy moments this year. I want to thank all my wonderful friends for sticking by me and helping me to get through some quite frankly difficult times. I don't know what i would do without them and feel thankful everyday for them.
I'm determined to make this year brilliant, i don't want to be sat here a year later with regrets about what i could have done differently. I want to make the most of every moment and see the positive things in everything instead of picking out the negatives and being sad because i hate it.
So, this year, positivity is the key to my happiness, im letting go of all the things that make me sad and moving on from them all. I also want to find more ways to make myself happy and spend even more time with my wonderful friends and family because they make me happy.

The highlight of my year

definitely my and my best friend Elsa's joint 16th birthday party! It was so so so incredibly wonderful and i really felt happy that evening. Ive also loved all the other parties that ive been to as well, its been brilliant. Ive met so many more people and feel much more confident talking to other people and really enjoying myself!

On a more blog theme, this years gone well, although i don't feel ive succeed in making my blog even better, i want it to really be fab in 2015. I want to post more often atleast 4 times a week. This is going to be a challenge for me i know because i have exams and this is an incredibly crucial year. But i really want my blog to grow even more. I want to post more of my series posts and do them for sure every week, this includes 'Motivational Monday' to keep that positivity going and 'My Week' because i love looking back at what ive done in a certain week and im really excited to do this. Im going to post more for sure and write a lot more about my personal life on here and i cant wait to share more exciting posts with you all.

Happy New Year my lovelies!!