Motivational Monday #9

I LOVE THIS. This is possible one of my favourite quotes to live by, its so wonderful and such a great idea. Its very true, and i think when you read it you think of the things in your past that have changed you and where things went wrong. But i am not one for moving on quickly and letting go of things, and this is my main motto for 2015 that i want to follow, i want to let go of the things that make me sad and not dwell on the past too much.
Its so important to be thankful for mistakes in the past, what has happened has happened don't dwell on it, its impossible to change it (unless your in my favourite film about time, then that is quite alright) so let things go, learn from them and continue to the future.
Remember, if one thing was different in your life and didn't happen, you wouldn't be the same person you are today.