My Week #34 & #35

I've had another wonderful week,full of such lovely presents too!
On Monday my friends Joe,Adam and Elise came round for the day and we watched gavin and Stacey and other films and ate some Tokyo wok and had a really lovely day! Then the rest of the week was spent just relaxing at home getting ready for Christmas! Then on Christmas Day I went down to my nans house in the morning to open presents down there,then came back home and finished opening my presents from the morning and began eating our delicious lunch with my grandma! I had such a wonderful Christmas Day and I was so lucky,I had some really wonderful presents and I feel so incredibly lucky! Then on Boxing Day,I got up at 6.30 to go to the next sale to get some bargains,and that's just what I did! I spent £43 and it would have cost me about £124 if I'd brought everything full price,so I did really well there and was super happy! Then in the afternoon me and my friend Joe went to Elise's house to chill and just have a nice afternoon! We watched 22 jump street,which I really enjoyed because I love channing Tatum! Then on Saturday we had some friends over and my parents went out with them so I stayed at home with my sister and our friend Daniel,and we had a little catch up and a really nice time! Then on Sunday,I went to my friend Joes house and me and him just chilled and it was really nice to just relax! We watched a few episodes of Big Bang Theory and played a bit of FIFA too,I have had a wonderful week and can't wait for this one too!

This week has been amazing, ive had such a wonderful time.
On Monday i went to my best friend Lucy's house, we had a sleep over and went shopping and had a truly fabulous time! When i got home we had a gathering where all of our neighbours came round for something to eat and a little party, it was wonderful!
Then on the 31st, my favourite friends came round to mine for a little party and it was so lovely to catch up with my girls and just have a lovely time. Then on the 1st, we went round to a family friends for a walk and a delicious meal. I spent the next day in bed doing homework and watching tv and youtube videos. On Saturday i went to my best friend Joes house and chilled and had a lovely day. Then today i have spent shopping and manically catching up on homework and coursework that should have been done two weeks ago. But hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year!