My Week #36

This week has been insane. Started off the week with tons of homework and coursework. I had an exam on Thursday which was pretty rubbish, but after school on Thursday i went round my friend Toms house to finally exchange Christmas presents which was so lovely. Then i began to get really ill, i have an awful cold and headache but i powered through and continued at school. Then on Saturday plans didn't work out, due to trains being cancelled. So, because i will ill still, i had a chill day with my best friends Elise and Joe. They both came round and we chilled out and ordered dominoes which was delicious! The three of us went for a walk in the woods and joe climbed a tree, me and elise took some super cute pictures of such a beautiful view at the top of the woods.
Then today has been spent in bed watching films and catching up on some homework. Ive spent all weekend in my new hoodie that i ordered from new look! Ive also brought something else from boohoo (my new obsession) and have orders on the way from miss guided and h&m and im super excited for them to come! So yeah, i want to feel better, but this weeks been fab!