Review | Nivea Express Hydrating Primer

I always thought that using a primer was a sort of pointless item in a make up routine and it required a lot more effort and didn't make a lot of difference. Oh how wrong i was.

Ive used a few primers. Ive used liquid based, silicone based and powder primers. However, this one if by far my favourite. I picked this up for £2 in a sale in boots, its usually £4.99.
Its incredible. I don't know how to describe it successfully, but its just so so good!!
It feels like a super light liquidy moisturiser when you apply it and it freshens up the appearance of your face making you look a lot brighter and your skin feels incredible.
You could stop there and notice the benefits. But when i apply foundation over the top its like a dream come true. The primer soaks in quickly because its so light, and creates a super smooth, moisturised base so that applying make up is a lot easier.
My face looks so much more hydrated and highlighted which i love, but my make up stays put for so much longer and its wonderful. This really does give you a flawless base to work on and i absolutely love it! You can purchase it for £4.99 from the boots website here