Haul #39 - Boots, Waterstones and Accessorize

After watching the film If I Stay i had fallen in love with it and was desperate to read the book to compare and then i discovered there was a sequel to the book as well, i picked these both up from Waterstones.

In the range i brought this Kilner Jar Glass, i love this one not only because it's blue but it has a handle which i absolutely love!

I stocked up on my favourite Nivea Primer while in Asda and noticed all rimmel foundations were £5 so i felt a little nostalgic and picked up an old favourite. I also got the most delicious vanilla body spray which i absolutely adore!!

In Boots, i picked up my current favourite foundation in a lighter shade because ive felt i have needed it for a while. I also brought the bronzing powder and highlighter duo that i have wanted for so long, then due to the large amount of money i spent i got a free lipstick!

In Accessorize i purchased the most beautiful braclet ive ever seen for £4 ish due to being in the sale and i also brought a new purse because i only have large or small ones and this is a lovely in between and was also about £4.