How To Be Confident | Anxiety

So, i wanted to write this post today to share with you all my thoughts on anxiety and a bit more into my life. Ive put it into the 'how to be confident series'. If you are a new reader, or have just never seen this style of post on my blog before (they don't occur often and are quite few and far between) then check out the link here. I have previously touched on topics like, personal self confidence, thigh gaps and the definition of perfect. These posts are quite 'deep' i guess, they are certainly not a light read and get you thinking, i like putting in a lot of effort into these posts because i think they are different.

So, the topic is 'anxiety' something i am incredibly familiar with, i don't want to chat too much about my personal experience with anxiety for the clear fact that i think it is just too personal.
Anxiety is essentially just the feeling of worry and nervousness where you feel uneasy.
Worry and anxiety are different, anxitety is more long term, everyone can worry about something but not as many people have anxiety about something. However, its more common than you think, 1 in 4 people will suffer with one type of mental illness, which anxiety disorder falls into.
When you have 'anxiety disorder' its confirmed by doctors, you may need to see a therapist as it carries on for a long time and is usually about the same sort of things.
The point im trying to make here is that its common and if you suffer with any sort of anxiety you are defintley not alone. I also think its important that you are aware the affects it can have on someone when you throw these words around. For example if someone says 'that was so freaky i nearly had a panic attack'. No you didn't. You found something scary or freaky. You need to be careful when using these words as they can have a massive effect on people that you wouldn't know about.

So, more about my personal time with anxiety. I worry about everything, literally everything, i overthink everything too and make teeny situations millions times worse than they actually are by thinking of all of the consequences and how things affect them, its horrible! Slowly but surely im becoming happier and a lot more positive (more posts about positivity soon,hah). But i would worry so much i would make myself feel very ill, i wouldn't be ill, but i would have a horrible feeling in my stomach. So, i went to the doctors and i was diagnosed. If you ever feel like this or your worrying for more than about 4 months, get checked out, go to a number of different doctors for various opinions and remember they are here to help you, everything will be ok!

Sorry if this post has been a little 'in depth' and not the usual beauty review,
but these posts are good every now and then and get you thinking. To read the other posts in this series check out the links...

Also, I wanted to mention a website called Better Help which has such a useful article section with so many interesting topics that help to explain EVERYTHING. There are also counsellors that can help too, if you have any problems too and need professional help.
Click here to the whole advice section on anxiety which can be a massive help to anyone and answer some important questions. This post is my personal favourite that helped me the most click here which is all about calming yourself during an anxiety attack, which I think Is incredible as well as this post here which talks all about the best coping methods for anxiety.