My Week #38

Another wonderful week has passed. Ive had such a lovely week, after school nothing changed really, homework, visiting my nan and completing revision. On Friday i was babysitting and got so much homework done its insane. I also quickly went shopping on Friday and purchashed my new love, the cosiest cardigan ive ever seen, im wearing it in 80% of these photos, i love it so much.
On Saturday i went shopping again to boots and accessorize and picked up some absolute bargains, but its ok because im on a spending ban for February so i wont be buying anything new for the next month which makes me sad, but its good for my bank account.
Today i spent revising, writing blog posts and visiting my nan and grandma. I love sundays.
Im so excited for this next week, i have an inset day on Friday, and a party in the evening and photo shoot on Saturday, its going to be a busy week but i cannot wait! :)