My Week #39

I am incredibly aware that every week i say has been wonderful and amazing, this time i literally mean it so so much. This week at school couldnt have gone any slower, you know when you look forward to something so much everything seems to go 100 times slower, yeah that happened.
Friday was an inset day so i spent the day with my favourites Joe and Elise, we just chilled out, went to subway and had a really fabulous day. At around 4.30 ish, we all started to get ready for our evening! We then went off to our friend Gretas birthday party and oh my goodness, i literally had the best night of my entire life, it was so wonderful in every single way. I spoke to so many people, danced, lolled and just had an incredible night that i miss so badly. I took some amazing photos that bring some wonderful memories and finally got a photo with my three favourite people! Me and my bestest gals all stayed over and had such a lovely chat and then all slept in our sleeping bags. It was so lovely to be surrounded by my favourite people and i felt so lucky. The morning was interesting, but being surrounded by my gals seemed to make everything ok. I then came home and slept. Then today was spent edited photos and printed them off for my photo wall and did so much homework. I cant wait to just chill out tonight after such an incredible weekend that i would adore to do all over again.