My Week #40

Another incredible week has gone. After an amazing weekend last week i spent most of the week relaxing and chilling out looking back over photos and feeling pretty emosh.
I've had to get up crazy early this week for school because of a road closure so i've been incredibly tired and worn out and mixing this with tons of work hasn't been great.
The weekend however, has been wonderful. On Saturday, a few of my friends came round to my house and we chilled and chatted and had a really nice day. We spent £75 on pizza which i am still full up from for sure. The eight of us then decided to go for a walk in the woods near where i live. It was really lovely to get outside despite it being freezing. We got slightly lost and ended up walking through nettles, brambles and thorns in the hope to try and find a path. It was so fun and we had a big laugh about it all, despite all the cuts i have, it was good fun. Today i spent visiting my nan and going to asda. I really do love a good asda trip, i stocked up on a few hair care essentials and brought a book which i cant wait to sit down and read it.
Overall, a really lovely weekend and i cant wait for a week off!