My Week #41

Oh my gosh. This week has just been wow. Literally amazing. I haven't stopped, i feel like i've constantly been going somewhere and ive only just slowed down and breathed.
On Monday, i had a day at home where i attempted to get lots of work done and sort a few things out. I love days like this because they are super chilled. Then on Tuesday i spent the morning with my Nan shopping and we went to Costa which was really lovely. In the afternoon i picked my gorgeous little friend Elise up from the train station and she came back to my house, we had a really nice afternoon and my friend Joe came over too and we all made pancakes and it was wonderful. In the evening me and elise cuddled up and watched The Fault In Our Stars. Then in the morning we both went to our friends house with the rest of the gals for a late pancake day and that was wonderful, super fun and nice to see all the girls! After this, Me, Elise, Greta and Elsa went to Bristol to see Jungle at the O2 Academy, my god they were incredidble. We were right at the front and i got some amazing photos and videos and i had a lovely time and spent it with some lovely people too.
I then stayed round Elises house and we spent the morning together before i came home to finish some homework off. Then on Friday i went back to Elises for the morning with our friend Joe, we went to subway then i went off to Wrington to see my lovely friend Lucy. We went for a fabulous walk in the fields with her dog and just chatted about life, it was amazing. We had chips from the chip van for tea and sat on the sofa with three bars of galaxy to watch Bad Neighbours, Live Episode of Eastenders and The Purge. It was wonderful, then in the morning we went to our favoruie little café for breakfast and then i came home and went babysitting all day and evening. I came home super late and woke up this morning at 12.15, latest lie in for me everrr!!
Todays been spent manically finishing homework and coursework for tomorrow.
Ive had a wonderful week and its been a pleasure to spend it with such wonderful people, it's been fab!