Review | Garnier Moisture Match Illuminating Lotion

I reviewed one of the gels from the Garnier Moisture Match range a while ago. You can read my review here. Since loving the hydrating feel of the gel i decided to try and choose another one too try out. I chose to go for the illuminating light lotion. Let me just tell you, its incredible!!

It is a lotion, but its a very light consistency so is lovely to apply to your skin because its doesn't feel heavy. It gives your skin such an incredibly natural glowing effect which when you apply foundation and highlighter over the top, it really creates a gorgeous glow and brightening effect.
I cannot praise this enough, i love also wearing it alone on non-make up days as its really brightens my face up and gives it a radiant boost. Its important to be careful with how much you apply though, as too much can make you look very sweaty and too glowing. I just love the radiance it gives to your skin, it also has an SPF of 20 which is always wonderful and it smells absolutely incredible! But if you take care with the amount you apply then it can really look so lovely and make all the difference to your make up. Be sure to not get any in your eye, because it really does hurt and sting a lot, so just avoid the eye area in general. But i really love this product and i brought it in Asda on sale for £1.