Favourite Parts Of My Room #5

It seemed like forever since i last did one of these 'favourite parts of my room' post. I really love these posts because i adore trying to make my room look pretty and my own.
I love my window area. i have a few of my favourite books to just flick through when i want something to pick up and have a look through. I also have a beautiful scented candle in the most beautiful holder i've ever owned, it was a birthday present. It has sea shells in it and a blue tint, like the seaside. I also have one of my favourite cards from my beautiful friend Elise next to some fake flowers in a cute ikea candle holder.
On my pin board i have a range of things. I have all my concert tickets, train tickets and a selection of photos from a few of my favourite days. I have a lot of meaningful items on this board and it really brings back a lot of memories when i look at it. I also have a few of my favourite inspirational quotes to keep the positivity.
On my small table, i have some fake flowers in an old bottle. Next to that i have a small box containing some of my precious jewellery. Ontop of that i have a small beaded elephant i brought in South Africa, a candle holder and another little card. Next to this i have a '16 birthday' frame with a photo from my joint 16th birthday party which brings back some wonderful memories.
On the wall by my desk i have a large amount of photos. This is my photo wall. I absolutely adore this and i update it nearly every weekend with new photos and memories. I replace the photos with new ones and either keep the others in a photo album or use them in my scrapbook. I absolutely love just sitting and looking at all the photos because they bring back some wonderful, happy memories.