What's On My Wrist #1

Ive always been a lover of jewellery, ever since i first brought some scobbies *who remembers them,hah*. But more recently, ive developed an even bigger love towards some staple pieces that i cant seem to leave the house without now.
I'm planning to feature these 'staple pieces' in a series of posts soon under the tag 'favourite pieces' so its super easy to search for these posts on my blog.
But, my new favourite most recently purchase piece is this beauty of a watch.
I had stuck by my timeless brown thin strap limit watch from topshop for a long while now and i thought it was time to branch out.
We heart it was my weakness, scrolling through endless photos of Michael kors watches in awe. Each photo i saw i was a teeny bit more convinced i just had to get my hands on one, but the price, so expensive. I'd looked for cheaper styles online everywhere, new look have some pretty nice ones, but all were the wrong colours, a little too much or not enough.
The phrase 'you always find what your looking for when your not looking' was certaintly true when i stumbled across this gorgeous watch in peacocks of all places on Saturday. For £15 i couldn't quite believe my luck, i wasn't even hesitant i just went up and purchased it walking out a happier person.
Upon arriving home i realised it needed adjusting *thanks tiny wrists* so me being the impatient person i am, had to do it myself. It was a struggle i tell you, not having the correct size screwdriver and being unable to accept help from my parents. But after using a hammer and cork board pins i managed to pop a pin out, take a link out and place it all back together again, super proud.
Since then, i haven't taken it off, im totally smitten with this watch each time i look at it i just smile, i think its the rose gold, its so beautiful and how the little crystals catch the light, makes my heart melt, defintley the best purchase ever!