My Week #43

This week has been full of ups and downs, hence the lack of blog posts. Ive been super busy with school work and *attempting* revising for exams. Its been crazily busy, yet this week seems to have just zoomed past. On Friday i went to my best friend Joes house with my favourite Elise and we chilled out, ate crazy amounts of chicken and just had a really lovely time. We just sat and talked and i was so incredibly content, it was a fab feeling. Then on Saturday i went to get a few birthday presents for up coming birthdays and mothers day. I came home and spent the rest of the day doing some work, cleaning my room and sorting out my wardrobe. My nans dog had to be put down on Saturday which was super sad for me, i loved walking her on a sunday afternnon it had become a bit of a ritual for me which i loved, but that's over now.
Then today, mothers day, was really lovely. My family came round and we all just relaxed and ate the most delicious roast dinner ever, im so full. Then this evening i will be spending revising and catching up on some youtube videos.