My Week #45

Another incredible week, super busy but fab. My evenings have been full of revision and boringness. On Thursday in school me and a few others helped my friend lucy take some photos for her art project and that was super fun and got some super cute photos. Then on Thursday evening my friend Adam came round after school and we had a good old chat, ate some food and then went to the cinema to meet some other friends to watch A View From The Bridge for our English exam, which was super good. I cant believe its easter already, im super happy and cant wait for two weeks off. On Saturday i went to my friend Ellie's house for the day which was lovely then we got ready for our friends Anias and Lauras party which was amazing, i had such an incredible time and didn't get my phone out once, that just proves what a fab time i had, i didn't even take any photos. Then today im ashamed to say i spent the whole day in bed, literally i got up 30 minutes ago. Ive been feeling super ill and shattered, so i've spent the day watching three seasons of Stella and attempting some coursework. To finish the week off, i've had a delicious Chinese for tea :)