Eyebrow Routine

Eyebrows. Something super controversial and very personal.
I never thought at the small age of 12 when i began taking more of an intrest in make up and hair that eyebrows would be such a big deal to me. They are now make or break to any look and make a HUGE difference to your appearance and general face shape.
When i first picked up a pair of tweezers i think i was around 13 ish, i hadn't a clue what i was doing so i just sorta went for it, to be honest i did  a pretty decent job but after the first occasion i kept going every so often and soon enough i was left with eyebrows that didn't match at all, one was further in than the other, one was longer, one was thinner, it all got in a bit of a muddle.
Then two years ago i thought i should start to sort them out, i began growing them back slowly, but i stupidly didn't style them or brush them nicely, so they looked awful again.

But i can happily say, finally, at the age of 16 and 1/2 i am finally content with my eyebrows, despite my mum telling me what to do and whats wrong and whats right i think im finally okay with how they look and have managed to save them just about from my awful brows in the past.
I have never got them done professionally, ever. Im too scared, especially now im happy with them, i don't want someone to go waxing and threading it all away.
So instead i stick to my handy little routine and ensure i keep my brows how i like them.

I only pluck when i need to, that's the important thing. I pluck just underneath my brows to keep them tidy and in shape and slightly at the end because that's where they tend to lean the other way, which i dislike. I also pluck slightly above my eyebrows (i know this isn't recommended, but who cares) i have to keep ontop of this more regularly but that's okay.
I brush the ends of my brows in the middle up and cut ever so slightly fortnightly or so to make the hairs shorter so i can brush them up , this looks more natural.


On a daily basis, i reach for my favourite sleek eyebrow stylist wax in shade medium to fill my brows in and give them a colour boost to match my hair and help them to look fuller and nicer. To set this i use the rimmel brow this way brow gel to keep them in place and then a little bit of highlighter underneath the brow bone to highlight.