My No7 Illuminated Mirror

Ever get that feeling when you feel like the luckiest person in the world? Yeah. I had that feeling last week when my parents surprised me with this beauty. originally a Christmas present, but they forgot about it amongst all my other items, but i wasn't complaining presents in April is new to me and a wonderful surprise.
This incredible light up mirror from No7 has transformed my make up. The light for starters is amazing, so bright, but wonderful. Its better than natural light and can be adjusted too which is perfect! The mirrors themselves are also wonderful. Two sides to choose from with an easy swivel, one side is normal, the other is a 5x magnified mirror, perfect for foundation blending or eyebrow plucking.
My make up, in my opinion, has just got better as ive spent more time on it and perfected little things that i would have missed before, making me feel much happier.
Only issue is, you notice everything, like every little freckle, every eyebrow hair and each little spot which can be a little scary,haha! But covering them up flawlessly is a tremendous feeling.
So thank you to my beautiful parents for this wonderful gift.
 you can buy one here! for £24.99