My Week 46 & 47

Since having two weeks off i thought i should merge my two wonderful weeks in together for you all.

So last week, on Tuesday me and all my friends met up for a meal in Bristol for a friends birthday, we went to Za Za's and i ate so much, but it was brill. I also brought so many lovely things while i was shopping too! The next day me adam,joe and elise met up for a chill day and ate pizza and watched films, it was super lovely, Then i went to Ikea to get some fab things for my bedroom as well! On Thursday the gals set up a surprise party for our friend Lucy, it was so wonderful and i had such a great time, i felt truly lucky to have such brilliant friends. We went on a lovely walk and took some really beautiful pictures and some lovely ones of us all. That's about all i did last week, amongst a teeny bit of revision and homework.

On Monday i went shed shopping with my parents which was super fun and had lunch out with them, then in the afternoon i met up with my friends and we all went for a walk and sat and watched the sunset, it was a truly lovely evening and i had a fab time. The next day my friend Joe came round and we spent the day chatting and revising, which was really successful actually, we also walked into town to get some toxyo wok, delicious! I spent the day at home on Wednesday helping out, shopping and attempting some revision. On Thursday me, joe, garry and greta went for a walk up crooks peak and had a picnic, we walked for ages and saw some little lambs and then climbed some trees. It was fabulous. Then on Friday i had another chill day at home doing some work. Yesterday me and a few of my friends went to the rec and has a barbeque and chatted in the sun. It was so much fun and i really loved it.
This easter holidays has been great, ive made sure to be busy and get outside in the nice weather as well as get some work done before my exams begin.