My Week #48

This week has been super boring, ive literally done nothing. My exams are so soon now, and im so incredibly unprepared ive been revising or atleast attempting every night or so.
I went out to enjoy the sunshine one evening with my neighbours and entertained ourselves for a few hours. This weekend has been super busy though, on Saturday i went shopping to collect everything i will need for the next two weeks, stocking up on cleanser etc. I brought a new top that i adore.
I got home and took blog photos for the whole day, edited and wrote them outside using a cardboard box for shade to see my laptop screen, hah! This is so i can just schedule the posts to post while im revising so that's one less thing to worry about, but it took forever. Today i have been pottering around, i went to my Nans for Lunch and then came home and have been doing homework ever since, were having Chinese for tea *again* and i cant wait ;)