Nutribullet Recipe #1

I've never been over healthy, fruit just wasn't my thing. Ice cream and chocolate appeal to me much more than a bowl of granola and strawberries *thank god for my high metabolism*
But recently, thats all changed. I was determined to eat healthier and my parents purchased a nutribullet, ive been desperate for one for ages, but at £100 it was too expensive for me.
Since having one ive eaten so so so much fruit and vegetables and i wanted to share with you my favourite recipe and hopefully continue as a bit of a series on my blog.      

- banana ( one )
- strawberries ( a handful)
- kiwi (one )
- honey (half a teaspoon )
- orange juice (about 100ml, up to the max line )

This recipe is just fruits, although i have recently found a love for spinach, kale and celery.