Review | Bourjois Bronzing Powder & Highlighter Duo

I've always been a lover of Bourjois, ever since i began using their Healthy Mix Serum Foundation, you can read my review here. I then tried their Chocolate Bronzer and i adored it, not only because it smelt of chocolate, but it was a truly wonderful bronzer that gave a little healthy glow.
This beauty of a product came out a while ago and i was going to purchase it but i had hardly used any of my chocolate bronzer so i was a little hesitant. But as time past i realised i still wanted this and i brought it recently and haven't looked back.
The size is super handy and saves bringing a separate bronzer, contour and highlight.
The colour of the bronzer is wonderful, i use it if i want to contour too but have a more natural contour, it really warms up my face nicely and i really do love it. The highlighter is also beautiful, it has a slight shimmer in it but not too much to make you look shiny, its just perfect for making the top bits of your face stand out that little bit more. I use the Real Technique Contour Brush to apply these, the contour brush comes in the core collection and im lucky enough to own two core collections so i use one brush for contour and the other for highlight.
My only grudge with this duo is that it's quite difficult to avoid mixing them and im sure that the more i use it the more the centre of this will become a mix of bronzer and highlight, but im trying my best to avoid that from occurring.
You can purchase this from boots for  here.