Review | Soap & Glory Peach Party

I fell in love with soap and glory a very long time. I often post about my growing soap and glory collection because i love it. Then a while ago i dipped into the soap and glory make up pool and have never looked back since. Their products are incredible, definitely sits with the more of the higher end highstreet make up in my opinion, with their prices a little higher than rimmel and seventeen.
I tried the 'Glow All Out' highlighter/radiance face powder a long time ago, you can read my review on that here. Ever since ive had my eye on this and have wanted it for so long.

Firstly, can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this. All the colours are so beautiful.
So, as you can see, this is a little different to your normal powder as it contains a range of colours. There are actually four different shades in here and they each have a different sort of purpose. I was a little cautious when first using this but now i know exactly what to do i love it.
There is a blusher, bronzer and two highlighters in this and you simply get a large brush and just swirl them all together. When they area all swirled and blended together it creates a beautiful bronzy/glowing powder to apply to your face.
Personally, its too glittery to contour but i love it for highlighting the top of my cheekbones and giving my face a little radiance boost, its truly wonderful!

If you fancy trying this beautiful multi-colour blush brick, you can find it on the boots website or in stores for £11.