What's On My Wrist #2

I wanted to write this post today because i have found a love for jewellery recently and ive stuck to wearing the same items for a few weeks now so wanted to share them with you today.

I wear my watch on the wrong wrist, idk why but i prefer it that way and it feels more natural.
My watch is from peacocks and was £15. I wear a rose gold with little diamond beads bracelet with my watch, that was from accessorize and was £5 in the sale.
I have found a love for midi rings, so i picked some off of amazon and haven't stopped wearing them since, not the most comfiest things in the world, but they look gorgeous.

On my other hand, i wear my silver ring  i got for my 16th birthday from H Samuels, its gorgeous and so simple. I also wear my trollbead bracelet which i also got for my 16th. Since then ive been collecting beads, its defintley an investment piece as each bead is over £15 each, plus the clasp, safety chain and bracelet itself its an expensive piece, but i love it!