How To Be Confident | Happiness

Normally these sort of posts appear on a Monday in my motivational Monday posts, but today i decided i wanted to talk more about a certain subject and since i choose Mondays to be motivational and positive and a quick little read to boost your week, i wanted more detail here.

Happiness. Something we're all familiar with, wether we feel it or not, you'll know what it is.
The main thing you need to know and remember is, your never always going to be happy, its not possible. There will be things that put you down and make you sad and negative and that's ok. All you need to do is learn how to pick yourself back up again after it happens because it is possible.

There are many times in my 16 years on this planet that i havent felt happy, wether somethings triggered it or its just one of those days. During these times i've felt like i'd never be happy again, id never go back to how i used to be. But you do. Over time you learn to pick yourself up and be positive and happy.
The main thing ive learnt about 'happiness' is that its a choice.
However cliché that sounds its incredibly true. When you think about it, you have two choices in a situation ; to take the positive aspect or the negative.
As an example, a break up, take the postives - the lessons you've learnt, the happiness you had, the memories and love. or take the negatives - loosing someone, feeling sad, hurt and broken.
Taking the positives and smile because it happened.

You have a choice to be happy. You can spend the day feeling down and sorry for yourself or be happy and enjoy and appreciate everything around you.
Think about the situation in proportion to the rest of your life, you don't want to spend your life sad because your missing out on the happiness and fun of that situation.
But it is ok to be sad. Sometimes, one day of sadness does make you feel a lot better.
So, next time your feeling really down
  • take the positives
  • make your choice
  • be happier
I absolutely love this article and wanted to share it with you all, it is all about getting to know yourself from within and understanding where true happiness comes from. Its so interesting finding all about happiness and realising that it is within, so if you fancy a read, please click here