Review | Zoeva 102 Silk Finish Brush

I've never quite been satisfied with my foundation brush, ive used the real techniques expert face brush, loved it then hated it, then i used the buffing brush, then went off it, ive used the qvs foundation brush, my fingers, the eco tools face brush. Its fair to say ive tried many masaras but never been satisfied, until now.
I was fed up of revising so was having a look online and watching a few videos when i saw one of my favourite youtubers (in the frow) use this brush, i then googled it and read some reviews, i then found it online on a website called beauty bay and i set up an account and brought it.
It arrived two days later and i haven't put it down since, well i have, but you know what i mean,hah!
The application is so good, it gives such an incredibly light, natural finish, which i love, because i go over the top with my buffing brush for more coverage.
I brought it for £11 and i would for sure say its worth it, i always thought Zoeva was a pricey brand, but i think its a bargain for such a great brush.
It is also super good when cleaning, the foundation comes off fairly easily, i need a bit more baby shampoo, but it is really quick at drying too.
Overall im super chuffed and have found a new foundation brush love, finally!
So if your looking for a new foundation brush that actually works to give you a natural, flawless finish, i highly recommend the Zoeva 102 Silk Finish Brush