Suprise Trip To London | Lifestyle

My parents are the best. The absolute best. They sneakily planned a weekend away to London for us all with a group of friends and it was the best time ever.
Ive been to London before and loved it every time. Each time i go, im a couple of years older, so im more interested in visiting places and i don't mind w
alking around for a little longer, which is a huge bonus as each time i see a little more than before

On Sunday we spent the day in central london, exploring all of the obvious tourist places. We saw big ben, london eye, houses of parliament, Trafalgar square, Buckingham palace, Piccadilly circus, the Oxo tower, the shard and St Pauls cathedral. There was so much walking, my feet were in agony when we got back to the hotel, but massive thank you to my trusty new look ankle boots for getting me through the day without pain and blisters.
When we got to the hotel we then got changed and ready to go and find somewhere to eat. We were staying in 'Kingston Upon Thames' a beautiful little town on the outskirts of london. We ate in bills, my favourite, but sadly they dropped my food in the kitchen so i had to order something else last minute, but they gave me that meal for free and gave us a generous 20% off the final order. Super lovely and the service was excellent.
On  Monday we walked to Hampton Court, a beautiful palace which was owned by Henry VIII, it was an incredibly beautiful building with the most exquisite gardens with such colourful flowers. It also has the best maze in the uk and we went in there and it was so much fun, i really enjoyed getting lost multiple times,haha!

Each time i go to london i love it a little bit more, not enough to live there yet. I don't know what it is, i guess its the fact that in amongst such busy, tourist populated areas you can stroll across a garden or a little café, things that remind you of living in a small town.
I was walking along near the london eye, super busy, but the sights of the sea on the side was ever so calming so i felt relaxed, then within a blink two boys came rushing along on a bike, way to fast considering the amount of people there, and i had to stop walking because i knew what was going to happen, they crashed (accidently) into this lady and she fell. Everyone just stopped, people helped and then instantly normalness was returned. That's what i love, the heticness then the silence.