My Week #49

Oh my gosh, i honestly didnt realise how long it had been since i last did a my week post, oops! But its back and back with alot more photos because ive had the most incredible week of my life.

It all started last saturday when my friend came over and we had such a brill night of watching films and chilling. Then i began packing the next day for a week away at centre parcs with my favourite people. I'd saved up along time for this and we actually got upgraded to an incredible two storey villa with a hot tub, sauna, steam room and rooms all with ensuites. We spent each day in the pool, in the hot tub and eating lots of tasty foods. We had a takeaway one night and ate out another then cooked for the remaining. We also made two trips to the pancake house and that was absolutely incredible, like so so good! It was so nice to have a bit of freedom and be surrounded by people who make me laugh til i have stomach pains. One of the days we did 'ariel adventure' which involves basically climning (with a harness) through trees along paths from ropes then zip wiring across a river, damn it was so much fun, hah!
Then on friday we all packed up and came home because it was the day of prom. Me and my friend elise spent the day getting ready doing our hair and make up. Then we went to our friend Lizzies to meet with all the other girls and take some lovely photos before getting on a bus to school for our prom. It was so much fun and despite my inital thoughts i actually really enjoyed the night, i expect ill do an ootn for prom soon!
Then after prom ended, at 12 ish me and a few friends went to a nearby hill to have some drinks and a good laugh until the early hours of saturday morning. Ever since that ive been tidying, sleeping and resting from the busiest week ever.