Tutorial | Naturally Fuller Lips

Ive never been a massive lipstick fan, you wouldn't think this from looking at my lipstick collection though, they just aren't really my thing.
Finding a good colour to match an outfit and complement your hair and make up can be tricky, so i chose to stick to a nude colour, but sometimes this can look too like foundation on your lips.
Kylie Jenner, in my opinion, is the absolute lip queen. But obviously she has had her fair share of lip boosting injections, but her make up artists are also pretty handed with a lip pencil.

I started off by using a lip pencil to outline my lips then taking it slightly out of your lips and making the outline appear a little bit bigger. I used my favourite W7 Smooch Lip Liner Pencil in shade Nearly Naked. It is super good and matches my lips incredibly well.

I then applied lipstick to my lips, up to the pencil line i have just created. To do this i used a lipstick from the Bourjous Rouge Edition collection in shade 01 or 02, both work perfectly!
 The rouge edition lipsticks are beautiful but have a slight gloss to them, which for this look, i don't particularly like, so i went over it using my favourite Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in shade 113

To complete and finish this i used the brush on the other end of the lip pencil to smooth it all out and blend it together, this works so well and its very handy they are both on the same pencil.

Bourjous Rouge Edition 01 - W7 Smooch Lip Pencil Shade Nearly Naked - Rimmel Kate Moss 113