#HTB - Editing

Despite the fact i've been blogging for well over a year and a half, ive never ever spoken about blogging and little tips i have learnt along the way. So i figured it was about time, so i am starting this new series called 'How To Blog (#HTB)' and im so excited about it. So the first post is going to be about editing photos and the difference it makes. 

I edit all of my photos that end up on my blog for you all to see, it takes forever but makes all the difference! I have put a collage together here of photos before and after i have edited them so you can all see the massive difference it makes. Editing makes the photos look alot brighter, clearer and i think it looks so much better. I used to use 'pic monkey' or 'be funky' to edit them and put actual effects on them, my favourite was always cross process.
But now i just edit the brightness, contrast, shadows and highlights.

You can see the difference it has made here in these pictures, the products look clearer, brighter and they stand out more from the background.
Having nicely edited photos is so important, its what attracts me to a blog post and if the pictures are good i read on. To edit photos you don't necessarily need to purchase expensive editing software, i just use windows photo gallery and using the tools to edit there.

Here is a screenshot of the software i use to edit the photos before they appear on my blog. As i said before, i just increase/decrease using little bars four factors. I increase the brightness, not by a lot, but just a bit. I also increase the contrast. Then decrease the shadows so that the products stand out more from the background. Then i lastly increase the highlights to add more definition to the photos.

I hope this has possibly helped some of you, and shown you the massive difference that editing photos make. To download the editing software click the link here!