Motivational Monday #11

Beau taplin is one of the most beautiful writers ive ever had the pleasure of stumbling across on the internet. He has the most trendous blog and books full of short little poems that seem to capture my exact feelings and put them perfectly into words.
Ever get that feeling when you have so much going on in your head, its all too much, too confusing and too much to fathom? Next time you get that have a look here on beau's blog and 'read until your eyes are red' as instructed.

I've chosen this one for my motivational monday this week as i feel it completely summaries life in a few lines. When you think about it though, everyone plays a huge different part in your life. Think of someone, anyone, no matter how significant or insignificant to you they are. Now think about what your life may have been like if you hadn't met them, it may have been easier, harder or you may have gone down a compltely different path.
Each single person you meet has an affect on you, positive or negative, they influence you and effect your choices in many ways.
I like how life is portrayed as a book here. Some people are a huge impact on your life then they can leave, some people might just be someone you've spoken to once or twice, but they have still influenced your life and still have impacted on you in some way or another.
This is a super lovely little quote to start the week off, appreciate everyone around you because no one lasts forever and everyone impacts and ensure you appreciate the special ones.