My Week #50

I have had a really chilled out week, honestly its been just what i have needed and ive loved it.
On Monday i went back to school for a sixth form induction day which was good, i skipped the next day as the weather was so lovely i wanted to get outside and enjoy it, so i did.
Then i spent the next days shopping, sorting things out and buying birthday presents. On Thursday i went to my friend Betty's house for a big party and camp out which was so much fun, i had about 1 hours sleep, but it was worth it very much.
I came home Friday morning and slept the whole day,hah! Then Saturday i went shopping again and brought some super lovely things, went out for lunch and then headed to my friend Matt's house for another party,wooo! It was so good and i had a really brilliant time.
Today i had a well deserved lie-in then went to asda to pick up my photos from my waterproof disposable camera which was super exciting.
I also went for a lovely walk this afternoon in an attempt to clear my head and feel a little happier.
Hope you've also have a wonderful week :)