My Week #51

This week has been pretty damn fab and its gone so quickly. I spent monday to thursday in Port Eynon, near swansea in Wales with my bestest friends on holiday which was so incredibly fun. I actually camped the whole week which was so much fun and made it even more exciting. The other days were spent on the beach attempting to avoid the rain and also get a tan, turned out to be fairly successful. But it really made me realise exactly how lucky i am to have such wonderful friends and we had such a great week that i will treasure forever. Then i returned home on thursday and began packing for my annual holiday to plymouth with my family. Im here now and im loving it, i got here friday evening and went straight onto the beach to watch the sunset. I then actually came home on sunday with my family for my great aunts 90th birthday party and we saw all of our family that we havent seen for such a long time, but now im back in plymouth and today we went shopping so keep your eyes out for a new blog post soon featuring all my new items!

Also, hope you like the new blog theme, its something a little different, but yeah hope you like it!