Review | Sleek Eyebrow Stylist

Ive always had issues with finding a brow product that works for me, looks natural and lasts all day. Finally ive found it and cant wait to share it with you all.
The sleek eyebrow stylist is incredible, literally amazing.
One end is the brush/comb which is amazing and super good at moving your brows into the right place and shaping them. The other end is the most wonderful pencil ever to exist.
It's angled making it super easy to get to your brows and shape them to perfection. It can give thick and thin lines due to the pencil being super creamy and velvety smooth, this gives it such a lovely natural look that lasts all day. Ive always had an issue with brow pencils being too harsh on the brows, but as this is more of a waxy texture it works perfectly.
It has really helped to define and accentuate my eyebrows and give them such a lovely shape that really helps to enhance and frame my face, im so impressed and for £6.99 its a bargain!!