DIY | Ripped Jeans

I've always been a huge fan of ripped jeans, but i struggle with jeans, I don't feel comfy in them, some aren't flattering and im not prepared to fork out £40 for a pair of topshop jeans when i've already got 4 pairs of jeans in my wardrobe that i just dont wear.
So, i decided to grab a pair of scissors and pick out a pair of jeans and add some new life into them in the hope that i would hopefully wear them a little more

First up i put the jeans on and then got my pencil to draw on where i  wanted the rips. Its incredibly important to put them on and draw the lines on rather drawing them on without them on as you really get to see exactly where you want them. 

I then picked up my quick un pic, to rip a hole along the pencil line i'd just drawn.
I did this for a little bit before using my scissors to assist the ripping even more.

To do this you will need some jeans, scissors, pencil and tweezers. I used the tweezers to tease out some of the fabric gently to give a messier look, I'm actually super happy with how these have turned out and can't wait to style them up in an outfit post soon!