Fitness Journey #1

I talk about a lot of stuff on my blog, mainly beauty, clothes, food and reviews. But i've never really spoken about fitness, something that more recently has become a bigger part of my life, so today i wanted to talk to you all about my fitness journey (oh so cheesy) but what i do, where ive come and that sort of fitness/exercise stuff in the hope to soon be able to talk about workout routines and food ideas. Also, sorry for the slightly out of focus first photo, thank you camera.

Okay so firstly, where it all began. Ive never really been someone who exercised a lot, infact unless i was forced to in pe at school i didn't do it. I've just never been an incredibly active person, i didnt see the need to, i wasn't overweight, in fact i was just right so i didn't see the need to do anything.
I also ate pretty much what i wanted, when i wanted due to having a high metabolism i could do just that, so i did. I'm not really sure what changed my opinion on all these things, but suddenly i felt i was eating too much rubbish and not exercising or doing anything about it.
Also, being in my last year of school and having exams, meant having a good 10 week summer holiday, so i thought i'd get a gym membership in an attempt to make sure i was doing something productive in the long summer and days off i had. So on the 27th of May, i signed up to my local gym and ever since then i've been forking out £40 a month in order to get a little healthier.
It's been 3 months now and i'm still going whenever i can, mostly about 4-5 times a week going down for an hour or so, sometimes more if i go for a swim too. I often go early in the morning (about 6.30/7 ish) or later in the afternoon before my evening meal around (4/5ish).

At first when i went i didn't really have a exercise plan, but after a while i began to have a think about what i wanted to achieve. I was going there aiming to tone up and build muscle not necessarily too lose weight at all. I can honestly say in less than 3 weeks i could already see results, and nearly 3 months later the results (in my opinion) are super. I'm so proud of myself of sticking too going and working at it. Although not all of it comes from the gym, ive been more aware of what i'm eating. I haven't been dieting or anything strict like that, i've just been aware of what i'm eating. So instead of having a packet of crisps a sandwhich and a chocolate bar for lunch at school, i'd make myself a salad. Obviously not everyone's cup of tea, but ive found something i really enjoy to eat and i've been having it for a while now. I've have though tried as best as i can to cut out fizzy drinks, like coke, lemonade, fanta etc, mainly because of the high sugar content is bad for your teeth, but also they make me feel bloated and don't help your stomach either.
But apart from that  i've just changed up a few things when i eat. However, i still will have dominoes, chinese and McDonalds, because i enjoy all that and lifes too short to cut out things you enjoy, but im more controlling of it, limiting myself and being sensible. I want to talk more about food ideas on my blog soon because its something i feel ive got really stuck into now.

So, in the past 3 months, by just being more aware of what im eating and exercising more regularly i have really toned up. During these three months i've actually been away for 4 weeks all together on holidays, so in actual fact this has only been about 2 months worth of work. I actually have some before pictures but i am not confident/happy enough to put them on here hah. I measured myself when i started going to gym, just for reference, not to intend to loose weight, but ive lost 5 inches around my stomach, which was something i was so proud of.
Like i said before, i wasn't exactly in a bad place before this, but i'd taken to comfort eating when i was going through a lot and just generally didn't think a lot about healthier options/exercise.
Doing all this has made me feel much more confident, which is initially what i wanted to achieve.
I'm never going to have the leanest, thinnest, longest legs, ive accepted that now, so i'm working with what i've got,hah, and i have built up a lot of muscle in my legs which im super pleased about.

I'd love to write more 'fitness journey' posts for you all and maybe include some tasty recipes, workout routines and helpful tips i've learnt along the way. But yeah, i just wanted to share this as a little dip into another aspect of my life that will hopefully interest all of you too.
I hope to write posts like this monthly to show yah all where I've come and share more!