Haul #45 - New Look, Boots & More

First off i went to urban outfitters to pick up this book 'Not that Kind of Girl' because ive wanted it for so long and ive already started reading it and its wonderful, its essential a young womans advice and stories from what shes learnt and i love it. I also picked up from waterstones this book called Landline by Rainbow Rowell from which the cover caught my eyes and i cant wait to read it.

 I went on a slight new look splurge, i picked up this top with very autumnal flowers on it for £8.99. I also got these trousers which are super springy/summery but i thought they'd be fab for september and spring too with some little ankle boots for £19.99, then in the sale i picked up this plain black blouse thats sleevless and has a white lining which shows at the end, this was £4, and i thought it would be perfect to wear and also tuck into clothes too.

 I went to repurchase my favourite mascara from seventeen, which costs £6.99 but there was an offer on for 2 for £8, so i decided to pick up and try out their new contour kit which essentially cost me £1.01, so an absolute bargain! Then lastly i brought this lipstick called autumn sunsets as its a huge dupe for a more expensive one im saving for but i thought i would try this out and see if i like it.

 Then lastly i brought this large brown bag for next year at school from peacocks, its got a fixed, yet also very relaxed shape to it so i cant wait to wear it, this was £16.