My Week #52

This week has been super super chilled and I've really loved it. On Monday I got back from Camp Bestival,which was honestly the best weekend ever, then I spent the next few days babysitting to earn some money. On Thursday I went shopping into town win my sister and spent a ridiculous amount of money on clothes,but I have no regrets and a haul coming up super soon. On Friday I spent the morning at home before heading off to my lovely friend Elise's for the afternoon and having a BBQ and catching up before heading off to a party at our friends house which was so brilliant,I loved it and it was so lovely to see everyone after such a long summer. Yesterday I spent the day in the sunshine, reading and enjoying time with my family,which I adored. Then today I visited my grandparents, babysat, and then also I sorted out my wardrobe and had a much needed clear out.