My Week #54

This week has been super fun,but has completely disappeared! On Monday I had a nice lie in and caught up with all my family that I hadn't seen while away in Edinburgh, I then spent the day unpacking and sorting things out at home. Then on Tuesday my best friend Joe arrived home after being away for 3 weeks so I went round for a Chinese which was super tasty and a lovely day. Then on Wednesday I was babysitting and went to the cinema to watch minions with them (actually a good watch,hah)
Then on Thursday it was the day I've been waiting for ever since the 5th of May when I begun sitting my exams, it was results day. I actually did really well and was super proud of myself, I'm just so relived it's all over now! Then in the evening I went out with my friends for a super lovely evening celebrating, then I spent Friday chilling at home and sorting my laptop out. Saturday our friends came round and we spent the day with them before I headed out to a party at my friends house. Then yesterday I went to my friend Tashas house to catch up and see her before heading out in the  evening with my friends. We all went to Lucy's house for a Chinese (second of the week,lol) and it was such a lovely evening and really made me smile,I loved it!