My Week #55

I can't quite believe the summer is nearly over, 3 days left,what!!
This week has been super good though, on Monday I went out for a meal in the  evening with my family to sort of celebrate my results last week, I had the most delicious burger with bacon and cheese,healthy eating what? 
Tuesday I was babysitting all day and then Wednesday it was my great aunts funeral,which was an incredibly sad,yet lovely day celebrating her life and made me feel so lucky to have such fab family!
On Thursday I was babysitting for the morning before heading to my friend Joes with friends to chill,eat pizza and watch pretty little liars which I thoroughly enjoyed, I also got a huge new look order which was wonderful and made me so incredibly happy,expect a haul soon. On Friday I was also babysitting,hah and that was a super fun day and then later in the evening I went shopping with my mum.
Then yesterday I headed to Essex in the car with my family for a friends party,the traffic was horrendous and what should have taken us 2 hours ended up at 7 hours. We then left this afternoon after staying over and have literally just walked though the door, I hate travelling hah!!