Review | Keep Me Going Cereal* & £20 free on Ocado

 I've always been one for super healthy cereals, breakfast is the most important meal of the day so its good to get the day off to a good start. So when Freedom Cereals got in contact i was delighted to receive two boxes to try out and review for you all, im incredibly impressed.

This is the first cereal in the 'Keep Me' range after the creators noticed just how much sugar,fat and salt was present in other cereals. I was completley oblivious to this factor too until i compared it with the other cereals in my house and was shocked. This cereal has been 2 years in the making and its finally begining to appear on shelves.
I used to be a fan of special K cereal which is promoted as a healthy cereal, yet this cereal has 8 times less salt, 60% less sugar and twice the fibre amounts keeping you full for longer reducing the need to snack.

After reading all these facts i was intrigued to try it but honestly thought it wouldn't taste nice at all, as usually healthy items dont quite do it for me, But honestly, wow. This has such a brilliant taste and i was incredibly impressed that it tastes so good yet is so healthy and good for you.
After trying this and comparing the sugar,salt and fibre levels to other cereals im not going back.
I tried the cereal on it own and then teamed it with some honey and strawberries, both equally delicious. But since im not a fan of milk with cereal im going to try it with some greek yoghurt too. But even if this is mixed with other cereals it still brings down the overall sugar content.

This really is an all family cereal as it contains trading cards as well as a secret code in the pack which you can work out online on their website, so a real family friendly cereal.

This cereal is currently available on Ocado and i have a discount code for you all to get £20 off your first shop there as well as free mid-week deliveries as well. CODE - VOU9318789
I hope you liked this review and hopefully you can give this a go after looking at your other cereals and being shocked at the high levels of sugar and salt, its a no brainer.